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nest box , bird box and nest box - the bird's home has many names and at Hokus Krokus we have Denmark's largest selection in good quality. Among other things, the cute next boxes from Wildlife Garden or the more classic ones from Danish Nature Life. There are next boxes for the garden for almost every taste - and every bird. We have, among other things, nest boxes in steel and nest boxes in wood, and in a wide selection of colors. There are models suitable for many kinds of birds, including tit nest boxes , great tit nest boxes and own nest boxes . The birdhouses are used by the garden's birds most of the year - spring and summer for chicks, but also autumn and winter for shelter from wind and weather.


  • tit nest boxes

    The blue tit and its congeners are some of the most well-known and loved birds in Danish gardens. Here you will find a selection of tit nest boxes with roofs made of e.g. copper and bark. A tit box is made in such a way that the larger bird species cannot build a nest in the box, as the entrance hole of 28 mm is too small. If you hang a teat box in your garden, you give the birds a safe place to build a nest away from cats and other predators. It may be a good idea to hang your tit box in a deciduous tree, as this is the blue tit's favorite nesting place. Take a look and find the teat box that best suits your particular garden.

  • great tit nest boxes

    If you are missing a mouse white box, you can find it here. The buzzard is one of the most widespread birds in Danish allotment gardens. The buzzard breeds from April to June and builds nests in holes in e.g. old trees, which makes it difficult for it to find a suitable place. The buzzard is therefore an avid user of nest boxes and automatic feeders. Help the mouse mite and buy a mouse mite box. Also remember that the mouse mite is already looking for a home in January-February, so don't wait to hang up your mouse mite box until spring. Take a look at our selection of nest boxes - a mouse white box is also a good gift idea for the garden and animal lover.

  • own nest boxes

    Here you will find wooden own nest boxes . In Denmark, some of the most common owls are the night owl and the barn owl, but there are also other owls such as the barn owl and the barn owl. The night owl, which is the most common, prefers to stay in deciduous forests, parks and large gardens. The owls breed in old holes in the trees or nests left by birds of prey. There is a lack of breeding sites in Denmark, as there are not many suitable trees. Therefore, the owls are increasingly dependent on set up owl own nest boxes . You can therefore help the population by setting up an owl box in your garden.

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