At Hokus Krokus there is a 365-day right of return on all goods. If you wish to return an item, you can simply send the item back as described below. When we have received the item back, we automatically return your money to your payment card.

Please note that the below is ONLY for returning items that are simply not wanted anyway - if the item is damaged, please contact us first.

  • The item must appear completely new and must be in original packaging. That is it must be able to be sold again.
  • Package labels must NOT be pasted directly on the original packaging! Always use another box instead!

A) Return if you still have the return slip that was in the box

When you receive a package from Hokus Krokus there is a return slip (A4 sheet) and a return label (large sticker with address) in the package. If you want to return an item, you simply fill in the return slip as it describes and put it in the box together with the item.

Next, you can use the attached return label to put on the outside of the transport box - on top of the existing address label. Never place a return label directly on the manufacturer's original packaging!

Please note that there is NO free return, and NOK 59 in return postage will therefore be deducted from the amount we return to your payment card, if you use the attached return label. You are also welcome to use your own postage instead.

B) Return if you NO longer have the return slip that was in the box

If the attached return slip and/or return label has been lost, or was missing from the box, we unfortunately do not have the option of sending a new one. Instead, send the package back to our warehouse, following the instructions below, with your own postage.

Attach a copy of the invoice. Please write clearly on the invoice that you wish to make use of the right of cancellation and that you therefore wish to have your money refunded. Note reg. and account no. if you have paid via bank transfer.

Send the item back to our warehouse (WITH delivery - parcels to the post office/parcel shop are not picked up):

Hokus Krokus c/o DSV
Mossvej 27, door 703-704
8700 Horsens