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Hokus Krokus has a wide selection of things for animals in the garden. We have everything from next boxes and bird feeders to racks and hangers. It's always nice to have wildlife in the garden and with our products you can create the perfect setting for the animals. Browse the selection of bird feeders and nest boxes for birds, squirrels and hedgehogs - and find what suits your style.


  • bird feeders

    Denmark's largest selection of quality bird feeders boards, feed houses and automatic feeders . For example, the many sweet products from Wildlife Garden or the more traditional bird feeders in solid oak from Danish Nature Life. You can also choose a bird feeder for the window which is attached with a suction cup - i.a. from Swedish Born in Sweden and English Wildlife World . If many species of birds are desired in the garden, it is a good idea to have several different bird feeders and feeders - for example a feeder with bird seed and a holder for teat balls. bird feeders and automatic feeders are important for garden birds all year round. In winter when they cannot find food, but also in spring and summer when the birds have young.

  • next boxes

    nest box , bird box and nest box - the bird's home has many names and at Hokus Krokus we have Denmark's largest selection in good quality. Among other things, the cute next boxes from Wildlife Garden or the more classic ones from Danish Nature Life. There are next boxes for the garden for almost every taste - and every bird. We have, among other things, nest boxes in steel and nest boxes in wood, and in a wide selection of colors. There are models suitable for many kinds of birds, including tit nest boxes , great tit nest boxes and own nest boxes . The birdhouses are used by the garden's birds most of the year - spring and summer for chicks, but also autumn and winter for shelter from wind and weather.

  • Birdbaths

    A bird bath in the garden is one of the easiest ways to get more bird life. In many gardens you will find bird feeders or automatic feeders for the birds, but it is more rare to find a birdbath, even though it is actually incredibly important for the birds. When the birds can find plenty of insects, they don't need as much liquid, but in periods when they live on dry birdseed, it is important to have access to water - studies show that a birdbath can increase the number of birds by 50%. At Hokus Krokus you will find a selection of fine birdbaths in both ceramic and metal - e.g. from Swedish Wildlife Garden and Danish PLUS.

  • Squirrel and hedgehog

    Squirrels, hedgehogs and frogs are some of the natural wildlife you can be lucky to have in your garden in addition to birds. But to get these pleasant animals in the garden, you often have to do something to make the garden inviting for them. If you want to attract squirrels, the most obvious thing to do is to set up a squirrel feeding house with nuts. These feeders often have a lid that the squirrel can open himself. If you want to make the conditions for them absolutely perfect, you can also consider a squirrel nest box. To increase the likelihood of hedgehogs in the garden, it is important to have a place where they can hide - for example in a pile of branches - and under or near it you can put a hedgehog house.

  • Insects
  • Stands and accessories

    Here you will find racks and hangers and other accessories for your next boxes and automatic feeders.

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