Furnishing the home is of great importance for one's well-being. At Hokus Krokus you will find a lot of decoration and accessories for the home for those who love nature and animals. You will find everything from door stoppers to creative coasters, kitchen equipment and much more. All with a touch of nature, animals or the outdoors.


  • Compost bins

    Here you will find a wide selection of compost bins for the kitchen. A kitchen compost bin is used to put kitchen waste in until it is taken out to an outdoor compost container. Several of the models are available with a charcoal filter which helps to reduce the smell so that the compost bin does not need to be emptied as often. A carbon filter lasts 6-12 months, after which it should be replaced with a new carbon filter. There are steel compost bins, but also some made from natural bamboo fibers that are shaped into a material that resembles plastic. Finally, they are available with different capacities so you can get one that fits the size of the household.

  • Buckets
  • Curve
  • Kitchen textiles
  • Bags and pouches
  • Purse
  • Serving

    Here you will find various products related to serving and storage. A real bestseller is our eco food box made of stainless steel from Pulito . An eco lunch box is for you if you want to save nature from single-use packaging or if you want to avoid hormone-disrupting substances. The organic food box in metal is also very practical with several compartments.

  • Food and drinks
  • Personal care
  • Nature and garden books

    In the shop we have a good selection of books with a focus on plants, raised beds, nature's own foods and herbs. We have very interesting reading for you who love to be in the garden or explore nature's many herbs, fruits, nuts, etc. Look through all the books to see the many subjects and find what catches your interest.

  • Posters and art prints

    Here you will find a large selection of nature posters and Flora Danica art prints with motifs of, among other things, garden flowers and birds from Koustrup and Co. Our chili poster and our poster with herbs or edible flowers are some of the most popular in the range. The tank from Koustrup and Co. is that their posters must not only be decorative but also teach us something about flora and fauna. You can e.g. more aware of which berries in the garden are poisonous. An animal poster or floral poster helps to bring nature inside. Flora Danica art prints are also among our most popular items in this category.

  • Nature map

    Here you can find cards with animals and flowers for every occasion. Perhaps you have bought one of our other items as a gift and are missing a matching card. Maybe you want to give away one of our folders with cards as a gift. Take a look at our fine cards from, among others, Koustrup and Co., who have made the popular series of cards with, among other things, Flora Danica motifs and motifs of garden birds and flowers. Take a closer look at our beautiful cards and find exactly the card that appeals to you the most. Cards with animals and flowers can make most people smile.

  • Tree birds

    Here you will find a complete selection of tree birds from the Swedish Wildlife Garden . DecoBird is the name of the series of wooden birds that are all hand-carved from linden wood and subsequently hand-painted with environmentally friendly colours. The wooden birds are very lifelike and can be used as decoration, but also for teaching purposes. Some of the most popular tree birds are the buzzard, blue tit and blackbird , but there is a wide selection. The DecoBird series is continuously being expanded with new bird species, and there are also a number of other hand-carved wooden animals from the Wildlife Garden , e.g. squirrels and hedgehogs - you can see them under decorative animals . Under decorative animals, you will also find a new series of birds in cast iron. All the birds are delivered in a nice gift box.

  • Animal figures

    Here you will find a number of animal figures made of wood and cast iron. An animal figure is a charming and decorative feature for your home. A wooden animal figure from the Wildlife Garden is hand-carved from linden wood and then hand-painted with eco-friendly paint. An animal figure from Wildlife Garden is high quality craftsmanship. The wooden animal figures are extremely realistic and can e.g. also used for educational purposes. Wildlife Garden also has cast iron animal figures. Unlike the wooden figures, they can also be used outdoors. A cast iron animal figurine will develop a beautiful rusty patina over time if placed outside. A fine decorative element for any terrace or next to your bird bath.

  • Linens
  • Throws and pillows
  • Wind chimes
  • Door mats
  • Outdoor rugs
  • Stuffed animals
  • Puzzles

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