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Do you need practical things for your garden and balcony? At Hokus Krokus , we have most of the garden tools, lights and fixtures for decorating a good outdoor life. You will find beautiful wind harps, beautiful lanterns and a lot of useful garden tools. Look through our entire selection to find what you are looking for.


  • Stools

    Gardening can be hard on the knees and back. An ergonomic stool from OneLeg can help make work a little easier when, for example, weeding or picking berries. OneLeg stool is available in several colors and different sizes, and is designed to follow the body's movements so that the back and knees are spared when working. If you need accessories for your OneLeg stool, we sell seat covers as well as anti-slip. The stool can be used for work tasks outside and inside, and is made of recyclable plastic. If you need to use your OneLeg stool for gardening, the manufacturer recommends that you choose the standard model that is 32 cm high, as it is the stool that is best suited for work at ground and floor height.

  • Hammocks

    Here you will find hammocks and hanging chairs in good quality from English Cacoon and German La Siesta . Cacoon hammocks, or hanging caves perhaps more closely, are a unique and different experience where you lie inside better protected from the sun and wind. They can of course be used both indoors and outdoors, and doors and mosquito nets are available as accessories. La Siesta hammocks and hanging chairs are made in i.a. Colombia and Brazil following proud traditions - and at the same time lives up to the quality you would expect from a German producer. They are available in i.a. cotton and plastic, just as they are available in several sizes.

  • Hanging chairs
  • Garden tools

    We sell high-quality English garden tools. Hokus Krokus is Denmark's leading retailer of e.g. Burgon & Ball garden tools. We have what you need: a rake, a weeding iron, a spade, a pruning shears, a cultivation rake, an edge cutter, a planting spoon, a hedge trimmer, all from Burgon & Ball . Quality and delicious materials are paramount at the traditional English company that has been manufacturing tools since 1730. The garden tools from Burgon & Ball are made of ash wood and stainless steel and many come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. Burgon & Ball garden tools are the icing on the cake when you're out in the garden. We also sell various tools from the small English company Nether Wallop, which manufactures environmentally friendly and innovative products.

  • Water jugs

    If you're looking for a high-quality watering can, you've come to the right place. We sell, among other things, water jugs from English Haws and Burgon & Ball . Our beautiful English water jugs exude nostalgia and quality and can be purchased in many different sizes. If you need a small watering can for children or indoor use, we can offer several different models in steel, copper and plastic. If you need a large watering can, a Haws watering can of 8.8 liters or a Burgon & Ball of 9 liters might be something for you. If you need a brass atomizer, we have a really nice classic model from Haws. We also sell modern design water jugs from Blomus .

  • Buckets
  • Pots and jars
  • Plant walls

    Do you live in the city and dream of a lush garden on your balcony or do you just want to make your terrace or backyard even greener by thinking in heights - then a plant wall is for you! A plant wall can also be used indoors and be a unique feature in your home. We have chosen to have Minigarden Vertical and Minigarden Corner in our range, as a plant wall from them has been developed by gardeners with the plants' well-being in mind. A plant wall from Minigarden is available in several different colors and models, e.g. Vertical and Corner. We also have wall pots from VertiPlants for indoor use.

  • Sow and sprout

    When early spring arrives, it's time to get cuttings made. Here in our category 'Sow and sprout' you will find everything you need. Take a look at our plug box mini greenhouse from Nelson Garden. A mini greenhouse is an easy and effective way to get your plant seeds to germinate. If you need a heating mat for your mini greenhouse, we have that too. Also take a look at our wooden sprout box set from the English company Burgon and Ball. In addition, we sell the original oak pot former from Nether Wallop. The pot former is a really nice tool if you need to make large quantities of cuttings.

  • Plant accessories

    Here you will find plant signs and other good accessories for the garden such as tying rope, seed sticks, support rings and storage boxes for your garden equipment. We carry a large selection of plant signs from, among others, the English companies Burgon & Ball and Nether Wallop. At Hokus Krokus , we think it's a shame that we spend so much time creating the right atmosphere in our gardens, only to spoil the overall impression with not very charming plastic signs. We sell plant signs in wood, copper, galvanized steel and polystone. Our plant signs are a really nice little gift idea that the garden enthusiast will really appreciate. Also take a closer look at our tool basket from Burgon & Ball , another good gift idea.

  • Garden decoration

    Here you will find garden decoration for your garden. For example, a bird silhouette from the Swedish Wildlife Garden is a really nice detail for e.g. your fence or balcony edge. A bird silhouette from Wildlife Garden is lifelike size and easy to assemble. The Dutch company Metalbird has made a bird silhouette in corten steel to mount on a tree in the garden. The surface of the silhouette quickly acquires a rusty golden surface, which is incredibly beautiful to look at. A bird silhouette helps bring nature closer, and here at Hokus Krokus , we can't help but smile every time we see our bird silhouettes in the garden.

  • Lights and lanterns

    Here you can find lights and lanterns for the garden. At Hokus Krokus , we have chosen to focus on lanterns for the garden from Danish A2 Living , as they are of a quality that we can vouch for. Almost all common lanterns on the market are made of such poor quality that they quickly start to rust. If, on the other hand, you buy a lantern from A2 Living , you get a stylish, quality product in either copper or galvanized steel, black or white. A lantern from A2 Living is designed to withstand the changeable Danish weather. In addition, you have, among other things, tealight glass that fits teat balls the stars from the Swedish Wildlife Garden .

  • Wind and weather

    Following the wind and weather means a lot to gardeners. If you need a rain gauge or perhaps an outdoor thermometer, you can find it here. A rain gauge enables you to keep an eye on the amount of precipitation. We sell different models. With an outdoor thermometer, you can keep an eye on whether it's time to cover your plants for the night frost or pack away the winter clothes and find the garden boots again. An outdoor thermometer is a great gift idea for weather enthusiasts. We also sell thermometers to put inside your window. In this category you will also find our popular wind harp. A wind harp uses the wind in the garden to create beautiful music.

  • Gloves and knee pads

    Here you will find a selection of quality garden gloves and knee pads from, among others English Burgon & Ball .

  • Patio furniture
  • Højbede

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