Combined nest box and bird feeder - yellow
  • Combined nest box and bird feeder - yellow
  • Combined nest box and bird feeder - yellow
  • Combined nest box and bird feeder - yellow
  • Combined nest box and bird feeder - yellow

Wildlife Garden nest box / automatic feeder - yellow


This cabin from the Swedish Wildlife Garden is both a nest box and a bird feeder which can easily be changed at the end of the season. In the spring, it acts as a safe place when the birds breed. In the autumn, it can very easily be changed to a bird feeder .

As a nest box , this cabin is adapted for sparrows and titmice. It has been developed in collaboration with ornithology experts and has essential details such as climbing cutouts up to the exit hole - vital for the little ones when they have to go out and test their wings.

When you have to feed the birds, it is important that the birds cannot sit in the food. Diseases are easily spread on open bird feeder . In this hut, the feed is protected from dirt, rain and snow, and the birds sit on sticks and eat. The sticks can also be pushed in so that only small birds can sit there.

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Data sheet

Solid wood from sustainable forestry, environmentally friendly colours
Wall brackets and screws
Can be hung or mounted on a post/stand/swing arm - see accessories below
The roof can be lifted off
Hole size
28 mm - fits bl.a. for blue tit, black tit, swamp tit, top tit and pine tit
184 x 194 x 247 mm
2 liters
1 kg
Beautiful, brown cardboard box with an opening at the front - very suitable as a gift
Wildlife Garden , Sweden

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